Life can be very demanding sometimes. To keep up with its rhythm, the answer is simple: Water.

You are what you drink, don't stop. Drink Up!


When you drink water you feel fine, and when you feel fine nothing can stop you. You become unstoppable.

Drinking water helps you do that little extra thing, like play 5 more minutes in a game. It helps you keep up the celebration and dance for 2 or 3 more songs or even all night long if the party is that good.

Our hectic day needs to get fueled by water and if you are a mom, you know there is no room to underperform.

Water helps you keep on moving, so if you are looking for a perfect "pick me up", Drink water, more water, any kind of water.

Drink Up, the collaboration to encourage everyone to drink more water was formed between the Partnership for a Healthier America - which works with the private sector and PHA Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama to make the healthy choice the easy choice for busy parents and families - and stakeholders across the public and private sectors who are dedicated to encouraging people to drink more water more often.
You are what you drink- and when you drink water, you drink up.

For more information about Drink Up initiative, visit youarewhatyoudrink.org